About us

Corporate profile

InvivaLink is a destination branding and global events specialist. We concentrate on markets that are of particular interest to the international investment, academic and business community and that have a particular need to offset or reinforce their international image.

We specialize in the production and execution of carefully tailored communications strategies, focused on the promotion of business and investment while reinforcing a destination’s unique brand identity.

Our dedicated team of experts goes out of its way to understand our clients’ real needs and what it is they want to communicate, but also to understand exactly what information our target audience needs to learn about our clients’ market.

With a high-profile international investment forum at the core of our communications strategies, our unique approach allows our experts to customize our branding services through an array of tools to meet each destination’s individual needs.

We strive to unite governments and flagship companies from each destination, be it a country, region, state or city, under a consolidated message. We then bring these leaders together with their international counterparts and influential members of the global business and investment community. By connecting the right people on both sides we create a platform to network, to stimulate dialogue, and ultimately to forge enduring partnerships.

What we offer

While the reasons why our clients may choose to undertake an international communications strategy may differ, their objectives do not. InvivaLink can help them to reach those objectives:

  • Strengthen a destination’s international image through strategic branding
  • Consolidate and communicate a united and credible message that represents the interests of both the public and private sector
  • Create positive impact in global media
  • Develop strategic synergies focused on business, investment or academic opportunities
  • Strengthen diplomatic ties
  • Communicate substantial legislative changes, opportunities or specific needs
  • Our mission

    Invivalink’s mission is based on humanizing business relationships to maximize their true potential, through one-on-one meetings that help to generate trust. This reflects the vision of the founding members of InvivaLink, who have over 100 years of joint experience operating in 90% of the world’s markets.
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